System and Energy

The company simultaneously operates in the following system and energy fields:
  • Distributed generation (D.G.) and renewable energy resources
  • Load flow studies to optimize the electrical connection of power plants to the national electricity network of Iran
  • Energy generation optimization
  • Energy consumption management
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Site selection studies
  • Preparation of ECA (Energy Conversion Agreement for private power plants)
System and Energy Projects
Row Project Title Subject Client
1 Evaluation of transmission equipment Assess the qualifications of insulators, transmission towers, cut-outs, fuses and surge arresters TAVANIR
2 Contractors evaluation Assess the qualification of production operation contractors TAVANIR
3 Contractors evaluation Assess the qualifications of transmission repair contractors TAVANIR
4 Contractors evaluation Evaluate the qualifications of production repair contractors TAVANIR
5 Supplier evaluation Assessing the competence of suppliers of specialized goods in the transmission sector required by the country's electricity industry TAVANIR
6 Supply status of electrical industry equipment Studies to identify and review the supply situation of the main equipments required by the electricity industry in the production sector TAVANIR